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MR Elastography now at Star Imaging, Bund Garden. MRE assesses the entire liver and detects fibrosis at an earlier stage than any other imaging method.


Biopsy Procedures
Biopsy Testing Centres in Pune


Diagnostic intervention consists of image-guided techniques to acquire samples from tissues and deep organs in the body, using extremely thin, specialised needles. At Star Imaging, we have trained experts performing these procedures to help clinicians arrive at a more conclusive diagnosis and further suggest the best treatment course to their patients. The elective procedures are done in the presence of an anaesthetists to ensure better patient safety. These procedures are minimally invasive with no need for skin incisions. This means they can easily be performed in the OPD itself, without requiring the patient to check-in. Moreover, the procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia, with minimal or almost zero post-procedure pain; maximising overall comfort for the patient.
Star Imaging’s state-of-the-art multi-slice CT technology and excellent Ultrasound machines, coupled with super-specialised experts in this field, enable the precise localisation of the needle to get an adequate tissue sample that can be reviewed by the pathologists.
In addition, therapeutic non-vascular interventions, such as drainage of abscesses, are also carried out at Star Imaging. These minimally invasive procedures avoid the need for surgery and allow patients to benefit from a shorter hospital stay and a quick recovery.

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The machine takes your pictures, just like a camera. The advanced machines give far better quality which helps the radiologist and your doctor understand your problem.

No. You just have to lie down for 15-20 minutes or for as long as required for the study.

The required time depends upon what study needs to performed, cooperation from the patient, and requirement of sedation or contrast.

It depends on what kind of scan is advised to you. Our front office will help you with these queries.

Yes, you will get a CD for the scan. You will get the films in fifteen minutes

Study of the scan images require lot of dedicated time and expertise of radiologist. We try to report studies in the best possible time.

You can pay in cash or by debit/credit card. Star does not charge extra when patients pay with debit/credit cards.