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Ordinary MRI scanners are analogue systems. However, at Star Imaging, we use a Philips advanced 3.0T MRI scanner, with digital designed coils. This means our scanner captures MRI signals as close as possible to the body, resulting in faster scans, enhanced image quality and superior comfort for patients. In addition, we have the technological capability and know-how to safely scan people with knee, hip and other implants. Star Imaging is the only centre in Pune to house 3T MRI machines offering enhanced in-bore ambient experience. These technologically advanced scanners allow patients to watch movies during their scan, and reduce claustrophobia by creating an impression of more space and light.
  • First MR system that unleashes the power of digitization by delivering a high purity MR signal for increased Signal to Noise Ratio, combined with Imaging Space enhanced workflow and ease of use for greater efficiency in a radiologist’s daily operations
  • Comprehensive package for specialist doctors, broad range of applications available – Neurology, Musculoskeletal, Chest & Abdomen, Head Neck ENT, Cardiovascular etc. allowing them to have in-depth understanding of their patients
  • Excellent imaging quality (Highest Resolution and speed)
  • Contrast uniformity, speed, consistency using MultiTransmit 4D enable high-quality cardiac imaging
  • Better diagnosis and hence better treatment planning and monitoring
  • The ambient experience reduces claustrophobia by creating a feeling of more space and light
  • Patient-friendly, short scan time, more space inside the tunnel, less claustrophobic with flaring at the edge of the tunnel and ambient light ring at the edge. Less and lighter coils (more comfortable), lesser need for re-positioning the patients for multiple scans. Ambient experience
  • Patients can now watch a movie during their scan
  • The ambient experience keeps away claustrophobia by creating a feeling of more space and light
  • Premium image quality with digital clarity and speed
  • Explorative tools and advanced diagnostic solutions increase imaging capabilities
  • Xtend 70 cm bore provide the largest homogenous field-of-view in a commercial 70 cm system - ideal for 2-station body, spine imaging and abdominal overview
  • IntelliSpace Portal facilitates easy clinical workflow and collaboration tools help you streamline your daily routine
  • Premium IQ-increased SNP and speed and improved fat-free and motion-free imaging obtained on dStream with dS SENSE, mDixon an dMultivane XD, when compared to Achieva
  • Premium image quality drives clinical performance, enhances patient experience and ensures economic value.
Star Imaging India and Research Centre Service 3T MRI Star Imaging India and Research Centre Service 3T MRI

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The machine takes your pictures, just like a camera. The advanced machines give far better quality which helps the radiologist and your doctor understand your problem.

No. You just have to lie down for 15-20 minutes or for as long as required for the study.

The required time depends upon what study needs to performed, cooperation from the patient, and requirement of sedation or contrast.

It depends on what kind of scan is advised to you. Our front office will help you with these queries.

Yes, you will get a CD for the scan. You will get the films in fifteen minutes

Study of the scan images require lot of dedicated time and expertise of radiologist. We try to report studies in the best possible time.

You can pay in cash or by debit/credit card. Star does not charge extra when patients pay with debit/credit cards.