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MR Elastography now at Star Imaging, Bund Garden. MRE assesses the entire liver and detects fibrosis at an earlier stage than any other imaging method.

About Our
Diagnostic Centre

Star Imaging and Research Centre is Pune’s premier diagnostic imaging clinic focused on providing high-quality, specialised imaging and healthcare services to patients from Pune city and surrounding towns.
Today, we’re present in 4 locations, including Deccan, Bund Garden Road and Akluj, with a fourth centre launched at Wakad in July 2019, and plans to expand our footprint further.

Every Life Deserves the Best Healthcare

Star Imaging is driven by one single-minded mission - to help people benefit from the latest advancements in imaging technology, while enjoying high-quality healthcare services; thus empowering them to ensure the best health outcomes for themselves and their loved ones.

Star Imaging began with One Question - Why Compromise?

Hi-definition imaging plays a crucial role in improving accuracy in diagnosis and preventing misdiagnosis. The sharper the scan clarity, the easier it is for doctors to pinpoint the exact nature and cause of illness. In addition, having super-specialised, organ-specific radiologists, skilled in performing and interpreting scans, is crucial.

Prompted by this urgent need to bring together superior technology, healthcare expertise and enhanced patient safety and comfort, Dr. Ashish Atre, Dr. Anupama Patil, Dr. Aparna Atre and Dr. Darshan Shah established the first Star Imaging Diagnostic and Research Centre at Joshi Hospital in 2011. Star Imaging was the first diagnostic centre to get the highly advanced 3T MRI wide bore scanner, which was the first ‘quasar dual’ machine in the country. The second 3T scanner came to Pune almost 4 years later. As the pioneers of 3T technology in Pune, we were aware of the significant number of changes that had taken place in imaging technology over the past 6 years. In order to ensure that every patient in the city had access to the latest technology, we replaced the scanner at Joshi Hospital with a wide bore 3T machine too. Apart from Joshi Hospital, Star Imaging has 2 more centres at Bund Garden Road and Akluj, and a new one opened at Wakad in July 2019.

STAR Imaging today

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Going the Extra Mile in Healthcare

World’s best imaging technology

At Star Imaging, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to technology. We’re the first diagnostic centre to house the latest 3.0 Tesla Ingenia MRI scanner, with enhanced ambient experience, making MRI scans more pleasant for patients. We regularly update our MRI scanners and other machines, in keeping with the latest global technology, even though the average life of an MRI machine is 20-25 years. Our newly opened Wakad centre houses the latest 3T MRI scanner – INGENIA ELITION X – which has the strongest gradient performance in the industry, ensuring superior, hi-definition scans, and reducing scan time by nearly 50%.

The INGENIA ELITION X 3T MRI machine will also come fitted with multiple new applications like Amide Proton Transfer Imaging, etc. which enables the early detection of cancer , and more.

Following Wakad, all our other centres will also be upgraded to the INGENIA ELITION X technology.

Apart from MRI machines, we are equipped with highly advanced CT scanners - our 128-slice high-speed CT scanner maximises imaging clarity, while minimising radiation exposure. We’re also known for our advanced Guided Biopsy systems, Hi-Resolution Ultrasound and Doppler units with Computerised Radiology services, and superior Digital X-ray facilities.

Besides this, Star Imaging has many firsts
to its name.

We’re the first and only centre in the country today to offer a Full-Field Digital Mammography unit with Tomosynthesis, as well as fMRI, LesionQuant, Nerve View and NeuroQuant machines. Have knee or hip implants? Our highly advanced technology and skilled radiologists now make safer scans possible.

At Star Imaging, we aim to significantly improve accuracy in the diagnosis and treatment of challenging disorders and diseases, including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, as well as various nerve diseases, through superior imaging technology and quality healthcare services.

15 super-specialised, organ-specific radiologists

Our team of highly skilled radiologists and technologists perform and read over 25,000 exams each year. We also specialise in Clinical Sub-Specialty Imaging and provide Imaging-Guided Interventional Radiological procedures whenever necessary.

Special focus on paediatrics

The Star Imaging team includes expert radiologists with extensive experience in Paediatric Imaging, while our advanced 3T MRI scanners offer an exceptional in-bore experience, allowing children to watch movies and videos while undergoing a scan. The enhanced ambient experience provided by our 3T scanners also keeps claustrophobia at bay, while giving patients the feeling of more space and light. In addition, we’re the only centre with a full-time paediatric anaesthetist, who closely monitors your child throughout the scan. At Star Imaging, we go out of our way to ensure the safety and comfort of your child – transforming an otherwise ‘intimidating’ experience into a pleasant and safe one.

Extra comfort and cleanliness

At Star Imaging, you can expect freshly laundered sheets and robes each time you undergo a scan. We place great emphasis on hygiene; and wish to make every patient feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.